People and storage in Miami

Here we go again. Last time you heard from me I was celebrating people that you’ve never heard about before. Well, I’m going to do that again. Do you know why? Two reasons: 1) I want to and this is my blog. 2) It seems like a lot of you actually liked hearing about my old co-workers. The people I used to work together with in Miami once I did my storage years.

So, storage in Miami is theme of this, once again. I ended with talking about Adam last time. This time, I’m digging deeper into the storage team in Miami. Let’s just go.


Let me introduce Amir, one of my absolute best friends while working in storage in Miami. Actually, one of my best friends, period. He started working at the same delivery company three months after me. It was an expansion phase for the company and a lot of people started, creating a completely new culture. A good culture, if you ask me. Storage in Miami was much more fun thanks to Amir.


She was working in HR, so I didn’t have that much to do with her at first. Then, the longer time flew by, our two departments got to work closer and closer together. Finally, I considered her one of my closest colleagues. For a while when we had a lot to do, it was very often me and her left at the office, at the storage company, in Miami. We could work until after midnight and talk shit about the whole situation. It is good to have someone like that. I can really recommend it. 


James was like father to me when I started working in storage in Miami. I know that it sounds a bit shallow to say, but it was actually just like that. I was pretty unsure of myself. Unsure of who I was and how others interpreted me. And then a new job, a completely new group to be part of. It was rough during my first months of working in Miami, in the storage. Thankfully, James changed that. I owe him that for life.

I have so many more co-workers that I’d like to spend some time on here. Though, I feel like this will have to be enough and I really have to run now. I hope you have gotten something out of this. I really do.

Please leave comments and let me know what you want to read about here.

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